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Mother plant stock

It is a surface of 5000m2 where are planted 1.275 mother plants.

We apply a continuous phyto-sanitary control to assure the health and robustness of the propagation material.

Our selection begins in the mother-plant fields, choosing the best plant material for its multiplication.


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Mist room

The chosen leafy cuttings from the mother plants are putted in the mist room in a pathogen free substrate of peat and perlite to root. During the rooting period a rigorous plant health control is applying.

After the end of the rooting period and only rooted cuttings with reach root system are transplanted to 600ml square pot and puted to the green house to grow.

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The greenhouse is a covered no heated area where the young plants begin to grow. The phyto sanitary control is present during the whole period till the last day of the plants shipment.

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Open area

the open area is reserved to big plants in 3littes pots where they grow further of they just hardening.

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