Arbequina clone IRTA-i·18® –

Virgin oil characterized by its perfect balance with a clear fruitiness and clearly sweetness in mouth feel.

Secondary aroma can be identified, remembering both green grass and green almonds, joined with some ripe and fruits notes.

Although bitterness is not very high, the virgin oil is usually richer in oleic acid and polyphenols, than other Arbequina oils.

The consequence is a higher stability against rancidity.


content (%)
Fatty acids
C16:0 (%) 15.0
C18:0 (%) 1.6
C18:1 (%) 68.2
C18:2 (%) 11.4
C18:3 (%) 0.7
Total polyphenol(ppm cafeic acid) 223
Bitterness (K225) 0.18